Our Universe Flash Cards for kids 3 Years & Above


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Benefits of learning using Flash Cards :
  1. Quick and easy to use: Flashcards are designed to be quick and easy to use, making them a great tool for learning on the go or in short bursts of time.
  2. Active learning: Flashcards encourage active learning, which means students are actively engaging with the information and testing their knowledge, leading to better retention and understanding.
  3. Repetition: Flashcards are designed for repetition, allowing students to review and practice the information multiple times until they have mastered it.
  4. Memorization: Flashcards are a great tool for memorization because they are concise and easy to review, making it easier for students to retain the information.
  5. Personalization: Flashcards can be easily personalized to suit the individual learning needs of each student, enabling them to focus on the areas they need to improve.
  6. Portability: Flashcards are small and portable, making them easy to carry around and review anytime and anywhere, making learning a more continuous process.
  7. Interactive: Flashcards can be made interactive and fun, for instance with games, quizzes, or digital enhancements, thus making the learning process more engaging.

What you get: Each set contains 32 flashcard, with a large clear illustrated image on the front and detailed information at the back.

Give your child the gift of knowledge: using flash cards, you can teach children the most complex information in a simplified format when used early on help children develop photographic memory, aid in visual and auditory sensory development, improve vocabulary, and make learning fun

Reduce screen time: the attractive images and easy-to-grasp content make learning fun thereby helping reducing screen time of your child

Parent-child bonding: they make for an interesting bonding activity between parent and child while promoting a love for learning

Learn more with your toddlers using Tnutoys flash Cards – interactive flashcards for kids. These flashcards are large size picture cards with realistic pictures of Solar Planets, Dwarf Planets, Galaxies, Space station, etc. , and kid-friendly information about them on the back.

These Our Universe flashcards boost brain development in kids during early childhood learning and help them be ready for preschool and primary school.

The images are realistic to show and teach children about our Universe. These visual learning and reading flashcards have proven to be beneficial with special needs kids and differently-abled children.

These preschool flashcards are made from a thick stock of paper. They can be used for babies, toddlers, & school children to engage them in playful activities to sort, match, and recognize. These flashcards are great for kids learning games to build memory & concentration.

These engaging flashcards for babies make learning fun and build a child’s vocabulary in the early years. These cards are to be used from 3 Years to 8 years in different ways based on the child’s age. They are a have set of fun learning flashcards for a child’s milestone development.

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Universe planets flashcards
Our Universe Flash Cards for kids 3 Years & Above

In stock