Infant Stimulation Program (15 Months Program)


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Age Group : Newborn to 7 Months

Program Duration : 15 Months

The Brain grows explosively from Newly Born to six years of age, and with this stage as the most critical it is clear that the earlier we provide stimulation and opportunity, the more the child will be able to take in the stimulation and use the opportunity to the fullest. Brain Growth is dynamic-it can be stopped, slowed but most significantly can be speeded up. 

All we do to speed the brain development is to provide the exposure of the right material with an increased frequency, intensity and duration.

Babies raised in an environment rich in stimulation develop better brains.


Visual Stimulation Cards: 

Visual Stimulation Cards are designed for the newborn to develop the capability of complex learning by enhancing the child’s focus span. The Visual Stimulation Program helps the child to feel more secure, comfortable as well as helps in developing their visual pathways.

Thinking Stimulation Cards: 

The Thinking Stimulation Cards help the baby to Focus and develop Concentration from the tender age itself when their most important brain cells are developed.

Cognitive Stimulation Cards: (Pictorial Flashcards and Word Cards):

Cognitive Stimulation Cards help the baby to understand and learn new pictures which develop photographic memory and their associated words that are linked to each other which results in vocabulary building at an early age of the baby. 

Kids from the tender age develop skills of association building via our activities of showing a particular image and its word, e.g Image of an apple is to be called out as apple and also the word apple is to be called out as apple. Memorizing words in the form of an image shall develop vocabulary and long term memory as well. 

Word cards enable the baby to remember words as images much before recognizing the alphabet. The beauty of our program is that the baby can see the associated image and can read the word of it as well. At first the baby finds the connectivity of the images and the words too. This develops a baby’s affinity towards reading, resulting in increased concentration and focus. This plays a critical role in developing overall confidence in the baby. 


  • 18 Big Size Visual Stimulation Cards.
  • 96 Big Size Cards Thinking Stimulation Cards.
  • 240 Big Size Pictorial Flashcards.
  • 240 Big Size Word Flashcards.
  • Parental Guide for your convenience.
  • Weekly Activities for your child’s cognitive development.
  • Our support throughout the program for your child’s development.

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Infant Stimulation Program (15 Months Program)

In stock