Visual Stimulation Program for Newborn Baby (63 Days Program)


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About Visual Stimulation Program

Why Visual Stimulation Program?

  • For Newborn babies up to 3 months of age
  • 2 months Stimulation program


  • Develops Visual Pathways
  • Enhances Focus Span
  • Enhances clarity in Vision
  • Increases the awakening time of baby
  • Develops Association building skills
  • Enhancing the baby’s concentration skills
  • Boosting the baby’s curiosity to observe and learn

We, adults, have always assumed that being a newborn is a very happy state and a Newborn’s primary jobs are eating and sleeping. BUT a newborn baby feels completely Opposite!!

The little child not only learns to move his arms and legs without any external support but also learns to breathe for survival. And astonishingly, the child does both things within seconds after birth!

As a newborn, three major development required is Vision, Touch, and Sound! A newborn stage is where the child maximum and huge potentials along with high curiosity to learn and explore the world.

Visual Stimulation Program is designed for the newborn to develop the capability of complex learning by enhancing the child’s focus span. Visual Stimulation Program helps the child to feel more secured, comfortable as well as helps in developing their visual pathways.

Stimulation in other words refers to any activation required to perform. And developing Visual Stimulation helps in increasing the awakening time of the child.

Visual Stimulation Program comes with 18 visual stimulation cards allowing the child to develop his focus, observation skills, association building skills, and many more.

Visual Stimulation Program is designed for newborn babies up to 3 months of age and it is a 2 months program.

You would observe your child’s pupils expand and relax while doing the session which helps in strengthening their eye muscles.

This set contains-
18 Visual Stimulation Cards
01 Parent guide for parent’s convenience.
01 calendar guide to keep the track of the program.

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Visual Stimulation Program for Newborn Baby (63 Days Program)

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