Thinking Stimulation Program (90 Days Program)


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Age Group : 3 Months to 7 Months

Program Duration : 90 Days \ 3 Months

Miniwhale Thinking Stimulation Program helps the baby to Focus and develop Concentration from the tender age itself when their most importantly brain cells are developed.

Kids from the tender age develop concentration, focus and attention and the right set of cards with the researched program and the guidance shall also be the foundation for the kid to start having thinking skills developed and thinking out of the box.

Best suitable for the babies of the age group of 4 months to 7 months.

The beauty of this program is where we are taking the baby from the phase of black and white color to gradually introducing red, blue and yellow consecutively. The images first shown black and white then shown in the primary color introduced have the association created as well. 

Let your child explore the new and the actual world of introduced and have new thoughts created and thought processes stimulated and thus results in Thinking Skills Stimulation.

  • 96 Big Size Cards.
  • Parental Guide for your convenience.
  • Weekly Activities for your child’s cognitive development.
  • Our support throughout the program for your child’s development.


  • Enhances Curiosity.
  • Stimulates Brain Cells.
  • Develops Concentration Skills.
  • Develops Creativity Skills.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills.
  • Right Brain Development.
  • Developed Focus and Attention Span.

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Thinking Stimulation Program (90 Days Program)

In stock